CTreeView and another frame


I’m seeking help… again ;-). I’m displaying a Tree View (CTreeView widget) on my page and some of the nodes are hyperlinks. What I want to achieve is a situation, where clicking on the hyperlink changes the contents (only checkboxes and text) in a DIV on the site (might be eventually a frame?). The information in the DIV is specific to the clicked node and should be selected by the user (e.g. the node is a book title and the checkboxes would be the chapters in the book).

What would be the best approach to tackle this problem? jQuery attached to the hyperlink? Or a standard page reload? What would be also better to keep the checkboxes: a DIV or a frame?

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Answering myself:

This cookbook recipe: Update content in AJAX with partialRender and the nice CHtml::ajaxLink method helped me a lot. I really like Yii :-).