In php 5.3 (also partly in 5.2) you have the DateTime that fixes the issue of 2038 year…



Maybe you could simplify the CTimeStamp in 2…

Also the CDateTimeParser uses date(‘Y’) etc.

we very far from 2038… but who knows :lol:

There are some rumours that there will be no 2038 as some comet or asteroid should hit the Earth before! :] And according to some interpretations of the Maya Calendar we won’t be even able to pass 21 December next year! :]

But since most of us doesn’t believe in such bullshit I would support implementation of feature proposed in this topic.


I think we should keep scalability in mind… Yii 2.0 priority is not compatibility, so we can take advantage of it.

However, I have a question, will be some kind of negative impact in DB compatibility?