Can anyone help me i am having a probleme with Ctabview,

I have placed this code in index.php just for testing propose.

Its showing up fine, but i cant switch the tabs. just the active tab content is displayed.

When i switch the tab nothing is happening… did i missed anything ?






            'title'=>'Static tab',

            'content'=>'Content for tab 1'



            'title'=>'Render tab',

            'content'=>'Content for tab 2'



            'title'=>'Url tab',

            'content'=>'Content for tab 3'








would be nice if someone can help me.

Thanks in advance

Check with Firebug if jquery is actually loaded.

its loaded and the problem is i am also using yii-Bootstrap

http://pastebin.com/wAkpuFPf here is the error code from firebug.

and if i remove yii-Bootstrap its working… the questing where the yii-Bootstrap is disterbing ???

How about giving the CTabView an id?