CTabView, tabs as table not as list


As in topic title my problem is that I need Tabs in CTabView to be <table>…</table> and not as <ul><li>…</ul>.

Is there any way to change it?

Why do I need it? - I need tabs to behave as it would be possible in <table> version, which is impossible in <ul> becouse in <ul> things can’t be vertically positioned (or maybe someone knows a trick to make <ul> to behave simmilary to tab to achieve that Tab will grow a bit bigger when hovering - grow up, not down, like it would happen in table cell with property valign=“bottom”)

If my explanation is difficult then i’ll show how it works when 1 tab grows bigger then others now:

______ _________ _________

       Notactive NotActive


And what I need is:


       _________ _________

Active Notactive Notactive

did you setup view foreach data?




          'title'=>'tab 1 title',





           'title'=>'tab 1 title',





and make views in controller folder,



and put data of model in there

I ment only “Tabs”, not their content :)