Cstarrating set in readonly mode with ajax....

Please can someone help me?

I use CStarRating to create a vote system, after the user vote I’d like to disable vote how I can?

why this don’t work properly?

echo CHtml::ajaxSubmitButton("Vota !!!",'site/rating',array('name'=>'vota',success=>'function(){jQuery(this).parents("form").rating("readOnly",true)}'));

Sorry for my english.

I found the problem It’s a rating old version but i don’t find a solution :(

In success function set new rating div content. For sample - $(div#rating).html(" *** ");

Thanks for your reply,

but if I use html method I have to create all code to display star, insted I want obtain the same effect to append the disable attribute to input.

why when I use $(‘input’,‘div#rating’).attr(‘disable’,‘disable’) in input tag I abtain just <input name=“name” value=“value” disable=""/> ? It’s strange or normal?

Solved in another way, I put a ajax request that retrive the correct data thanx.

'afterAjaxUpdate'=>'function(id,data){ $(\'span.starrating input\').rating({readOnly:true}); }',

This is how to use readOnly in afterAjaxUpdate with js.