CStarRating not working on ajax Load

I'm trying to use the CStarRating upon clicking on a dialog, then using jquery's ('#selector').load('uri').dialog()…  which basically calls a controller action, which calls a view file, which runs a widget that contains a view file calling the CStarRating widget.

I am also using jui extension for the dialog.

I have this code inside

<?php $this->widget('CStarRating',array('name'=>'rating')); ?>

However, I do not see the starts.  Just the regular html radio options. 

This works fine when I don't do jquery ajax load. 

Any ideas? Seems like none of the css or js source are registered when I load a view via ajax.

When you render the view for ajax response, use the following code:

	$this-&gt;renderPartial(&#039;ajax&#039;,null,false,<strong class='bbc'>true</strong>);

It should work as I just tested it. However, you may want to take a look at this ticket which is relevant to your use case:


Thanks Qiang - That did work for my scenario.