Cstar Rating?

please help me how to retrieve and save value to the database from cstar rating plugin or dzraty extension?

with examples.

First u can create the unique id

$this->widget('CStarRating', array(

            'name' => 'ratingAjax[' . $value->ques_id . ']',

            'id' => $value->ques_id,

            'readOnly' => false,

            'minRating' => .5,

            'maxRating' => 5,

            'ratingStepSize' => .5,

            'callback' => '



                            type: "POST",

                            url: "' . Yii::app()->createUrl('customer/support/starRatingAjax?question_id=' . $value->ques_id) . '",

                            data: "' . Yii::app()->request->csrfTokenName . '=' . Yii::app()->request->getCsrfToken() . '&question_id=' . $value->ques_id . '&rate=" + $(this).val(),

                            success: function(msg){



then after your controller file put the action

public function actionstarRatingAjax() {

		/*$ratingAjax=isset($_POST['rate']) ? $_POST['rate'] : 0;

		 echo "You are voting $ratingAjax through AJAX!";*/


		$ratingAjax=isset($_POST['rate']) ? $_POST['rate'] : 0;


		echo $ratingAjax.',question_id='. $question_id;


Best Regards,

Ankit Modi

everything ok but what is $value->ques_id? and why we are using this?


In my code i have wrtie the foreach loop so i have sepreate unique id if u are single CstarRating u can not remove this.

your coding does not work????

can u please provide code?

no im trying your code… its ok leave it… do you know how to use ajaxSubmit button?


please see it…