CSS menu extensions

Dear Yii’ers,

Iam a newbie to the Yii framework and I came across some wonderful menu widgets such as MbMenu (dropdown menu) and SMenu.

My problem is I want to change the css files for these menus but to no avail, even after deleting the css files, to my surprise the menus still display perfectly. Iam so oblivious to what is going on.

So I just want to change the menu extensions css to suit my taste, is that possible and how can I do that?

Thank you for your help in advance.

hi Omoro,

did you delete all folders under the ./assets folder ? This should help ;)



Raoul you are my hero.

I knew that there must be some caching going on, but didn’t know where those files went. What you said did the trick…I almost gave up using this framework.

Thanks again.


glad it helped … even if sometimes it may be a little bit hard to understand what’s going on ‘behind the scene’, I think Yii deserve the time spent because in the end, using Yii will save you a lot of time.

Good luck with Yii ;)