CSqlDataProvider filtering

I’m using a gridview to view results of a sql query expression defined in my controller as a CSqlDataProvider. I’m trying to be able to search and filter this gridview but running into trouble. Can anyone help?

My code in the controller

$sql = "SELECT ListingID as id, BillDate as Date, ROUND(SUM(chargeAmount), 2) as Price, Comments as Type FROM tbl_bills GROUP BY ListingID

            UNION ALL

            SELECT ListingID as id, PaymentDate as Date, SUM(PaymentAmount)*-1 as Price, PaymentType as Type FROM tbl_payments GROUP BY ListingID

            ORDER BY id ASC";


    $dataProvider = new CSqlDataProvider($sql);



     $this->render('pHistory2', array(


My code in view

$this->widget(‘zii.widgets.grid.CGridView’, array(











I don’t think that’s possible. The CGridView.filter property must be a CModel instance. AFAIK that won’t work with a CSqlDataProvider.

There is this post from Gustavo with a solution using CDbCriteria.

Thanks for taking the time to answer me. I checked out the post you suggested and am just not sure how to implement it with a UNION ALL statement. He was using relationships.

Thank you.

You need to have a model with class variables corresponding to your query columns defined then it is possible.

Something like that

class BillModel extends CFormModel



	public $id; // I guess you dont need that, but I am not sure

	public $Date;

	public $Price;

	public $Type;

public function rules(){

 // define for search mass assignment


public function getSqlDataProvider()


   // sql = query + the where conditions to filter

   // that's not as comfortable as CDbCriteria->compare() since you

   // want to add the condition only when there was a search for it


There is a filter option for every column in grid, if you dont want everything filered.

Of course you need to assign the searched values to the model in your controller.

Many thanks. I’ll try that.

I’m trying out your solution but getting a drop stuck.

What does my sqldataprovider function return and how do I assign searched values to the model?

Ok, quick and dirty, don’t blame me for bad code :)


class BillsModel extends CFormModel{


	public $id;	

	public $price;


	public function rules()


		return array(





	public function getSqlDataProvider()



		$priceCondition = !empty($this->price) ? ' WHERE unionAlias.price ='. $this->price : ' '; 

		$sql = '

		SELECT id,price FROM


			SELECT ListingID as id, Price as price FROM tbl_bills


			SELECT ListingID as id, Price as price FROM tbl_payments

		) as unionAlias'


               // if needed create a CSorter Object and pass to the dataprovider

		return new CSqlDataProvider($sql);




public function actionIndex()


		$model = new BillsModel('search');


		if (isset($_GET['BillsModel'])){

			$model->attributes = $_GET['BillsModel'];


		$this->render('index',array('model'=> $model));




$this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array(














Not so nice, but you should get the idea how this is possible.

Little addition: you should be aware, that I didnt consider the security aspects when writing this shortened sql query. I guess it would be possible to do a sql injection without further adjustments.

Appreciate your help. Looks like it’s working. Thanks.