Cruge [Module]

Cruge is a Rbac and User Management Module, well architecture based on: UML, Factory Concept, MVC, No-Inter-dependencies…

[list=1][]Visual Rbac Assignments.[]Visual User Management.[]API for Users, UI, RBAC[]Access Control for Controllers & Actions (API and Visual)[]Configurable Registration, Login, Edit Profile, Lost Password, Captcha (Layouts, UI etc)[]User Fields for Profile[/list]

and the most important thing…WELL FORMED MVC / UML ARCHITECTURE…Cruge "is not" a lot of deorganized code, it is well formed in UML, MVC…

hola alguien me puede ayudar esk no se como hacer roles, tareas, operaciones es soy principiante vale gracias

Since this is an totally awesome extension that is really easy to work with and install I decided to translate the whole thing into English. Translated also the Installation instructions and part of the tutorial. Also added google-translate links to the rest of the tutorial. It’s 100% understandable.

I put a bitbucket repo here.Cruge-english bitbucket repo

I’ve been working with this extension for a time and I miss some well organized documentation. Now I’m trying to make a user login trough Yii::app()->user->um->loginUser($email) but it fails when the password encryption is on. I’ve tried every configuration posibility but there’s no way.

I’m so interested in this module, in special with one feature, getMenu(), i want to know if childItem can have a childItem

Please help me with this :)

Hola Christian, una consulta como puedo hacer para que Cruge detecte, los actions de los controllers de un Modulo de Yii 1.1