Cruge Extension Porting Problem

I have installed CRUGE sucessfully on my development platform and have integrated it into my application. Just after uploading it to the server, there is one page where the browser is asking me for username/password authentication in the scenario that I am not logged on and would get a regular access restriction (Error 401) on my development platform. Thinking it through, I am not sure if I should get this error, or whether it should me redirect to log on. But that is not the main problem. I am more concerned about the undue authentication message, that comes up in certain scenarios. I had even a scenario where it would log me out and give me a different UserID without any reason (only on the working server, not on the development platform) and it was messing up all my session variables. I wonder if there are any rights that need to be set on some file, or anything else that I was missing on porting. The program files as well as the database was copied entirely to the server.