crudcode docs

Is there some reason why the CrudCode class (part of gii) is not documented in the api?


The code generated by Gii is just a template / example… that needs to be modified for custom use… this is not part of the Yii core… and certainly it’s not the API…


Gii is a great tool and Yii is in general very well documented, that’s one of many reasons I chose Yii for development.

I figured pretty much everything supplied with the framework was part of the API, my mistake.

The class I asked about is not generated by Gii, it is part of Gii, as supplied with the framework, found here:

/yii-1.1.8.r3324/framework/gii/generators/crud/CrudCode.php:class CrudCode extends CCodeModel

I see the classes immediately beneath framework/gii/

CCodeFile.php CCodeForm.php CCodeGenerator.php CCodeModel.php GiiModule.php

are all documented but not the ones beneath that, such as the generators.

Since the Coding guide says

all Yii framework classes are prefixed with letter "C"

and those generator classes don’t conform to that rule, they must then not be considered as part of the framework, even though they come with it.

I guess I can figure out what they do by referring to the documented classes they are extended from.

Those are the "generators"… check the guide for Gii… they are explained there -