I have a problem … I have the version 1.1.1 but when I created with command yiic the crud I was not generated automatically the search as it appears in the guida.Someone can tell me why? Or can tell me how I can fix this?

What’s the output of the cmd / terminal?

Like does it show the yiic shell actually creating the files?

If it’s not too much trouble, post step by step each command you type in. For example

  1. Open Command Prompt

  2. cd to web server directory

  3. ./yii/framework/yiic webapp WebAppName

Hope that makes sense. With that information we can have a better idea of what’s going on.

I made it i create my application with the command webapp, following the tutorial at

Then I then created an .bat file that automatically brings me interactive tool v1.1

Hello Kitty,

I order to generate models and CRUD there are a number of requirements:

  1. You must have a database

  2. You must configure your application to use the database:

//in the file /protected/config/main.php







  1. You can then use the shell script to generate your models and crud. Open the shell script exactly as you have in your example pic, then use commands like this::

model Mytable

// the model will be generated

crud Mytable

// the crud will be generated

You must do the above for each of your database tables

Hallo Everyone,

i have the same problem, for information i try to make a Blog like in the "yii_blog_1.1.1.pdf" and i can generate any model but [color="#FF0000"]no CRUD[/color].

I have those tables in my database : tbl_comments, tbl_lookup, tbl_post, tbl_tag, tbl_user.

i generate model : see picture

but i cant generate CRUD : see Picture

what does that mean??


It says your primary key has more than one segment (column). Check your table schema.


Okay i dont really know where is the problem… i post a picture of my db… just tell me what’s wrong with it!!


If this is what you used for generating the model, I think the yiic shell shouldn’t complain about a composite primary key.


Hi tri!!

yeah u r right!! and now cmd shout me another error :

Error: Table "{{post}}" does not have a primary key

. Now im surprised!! :blink:

[color="#FF0000"]Edit : After restarting the Yii tool its works!![/color]


Remember: You should always restart yiic shell, whenever you do changes to your database!