CRUD: Yet another 2 cents

I think it would be very-very useful if there would be implemented these features on CRUD:

  • Multi-selection, multi-deletion

  • Filtering

  • Flash-messages on create/delete/update success

I have my own some implementation, but it is still in alpha.

Please look at the following extension:

Not supports multi-operation though.

You may refer to and implement your own CRUD tools that fit your needs exactly.

Yes, in the future we will continue to improve the CRUD tools as they really speed up our development.


Thank you, gonna see that.


Yes, I did it by extending the default CRUD commands and templates. Hope, soon I’ll show the demo. And, how can I help to community? Where I can contribute it? As another google project or inside existing yii?

You may share it as an extension in our extension library. Using google code to maintain it is a good idea.

I’d like it. Good idea!

It would also be great to provide input possibilities for primary keys. I generated CRUD forms for a user class where the user name is used as PK. Now I can’t insert users, because I can’t enter a name. ^^

(Yeah, I know I can extend the templates. But this was intended for a tutorial. And I’m not sure if it would be best starting with such a topic.)