I am wondering if there a specific pattern I should be coding my controller using?

I have heard of CRUD, REST etc.

Are these important?

Should I be coding my controllers to a specific pattern or should I just use whatever methods I feel like in my controller and call them whatever names I feel like.

Keep it simple Create Read Update Destroy, if someone were to look at your code or you were to look at your code again and instead of actionCreate you call it actionPut are you going to be 100% sure what actionPut is?

Yes thats fine.

But what if there are other things that need to be done other than Create, Read, Update, Destroy?

I think the current consensus would be to make a new controller, demonstrated here


All I am getting at is all these things seem to assume you can do everything with Create, Read, Update, Destroy. But is this really viable? Does it really work?