I will try create/modify files that actualy gereteing CRUD for common aplications build in YII ,for generate CRUD for modules in the same way

any Helps/Ideias are wellcome…


We have a ticket requesting for this feature. Because module is new, we haven't got time to make crud generating files for a module. So currently, you would have to generate crud in an application and then manually copy the generated directories and files to the corresponding places under a module (an application and a module share the same directory structure.)


I uploaded small tool (based on modified shell defaul generators)



hi megbar

i tried to use your tool i copied the 3 files under my skeleton/commands/shell and used the command modulem stores stores stores …

then i got a copy of the model template from yii frame work and not actually executed model template under my store module … don’t know what is wrong …

i found simple idea that is to change $basepath in $modelCommand (coppied from yiiframework) and it will work … can you help with your tool because my solution require to change basepath manytimes … thank you

are you tallking about this: