CRUD from Index page with form in modal

Hello. Sorry for this question, I know there are multiples links answer it, but i can’t get it to work. I need an updated answer.

I’m using the kartik GridView.

Create: I have a button on the panel of the GridView. When the user click it, I need open the modal with the form. When the user submit or cancel the form, I need close the modal, and refresh the GridView

Update: Idem Create, but pressing the edit button on the action column of the row.

Delete: Pressing delete action of the row, open the confirmation dialog, and after the delete, refresh the GridView.

Anyone has a updated tutorial or some updated guide?


Hi leo,

Basically you’d want this workflow: dniznick @ Update data on modal dialog.

Check if these solutions won’t solve your problem:

Those might not be from a recent date, but this issue is just that old and those solutions work.

Thanks @bpanatta for your time to answer my question.
But this links are too old and incomplete.
Do you have any updated working code?

Sorry, got no code, but as pointed by dniznick in the linked post, you have to make a JS tell Pjax to refresh when the modal is closed, which is pretty much what is happening on the example codes.

Sorry i can’t get it to work.
In Yii 1.1 I used to use this extension:

And worked ok!!!

Anyone knows a Yii2 version of this extension or similar?