Cross-DB compatible varchar field length definitions?


I am trying to create a cross-DB compatible DB script and want to use the generic Yii CDBMigration.

Fortunately Yii knows generic field types to use, see

My problem is that Yii only supports ‘string’ which translates to “varchar(255)” in mySQL or ‘character varying(255)’ in Postgres. Is there a way to set the length of the field both for mySQL and Postgres in a generic way?

        $this->createTable('tbl_news', array(

            'id' => 'pk',

            'title' => 'string NOT NULL',  // HOW would I set the field length here in a cross-DB compatible way?

            'content' => 'text',


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There is a way but you would need to extent each database schema implementation.


 public $columnTypes=array(

        'pk' => 'int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY',

        'string' => 'varchar(255)',

        'text' => 'text',

        'integer' => 'int(11)',

        'float' => 'float',

        'decimal' => 'decimal',

        'datetime' => 'datetime',

        'timestamp' => 'timestamp',

        'time' => 'time',

        'date' => 'date',

        'binary' => 'blob',

        'boolean' => 'tinyint(1)',

		'money' => 'decimal(19,4)',


Is the current mapping array in CMysqlSchema. You could extend and edit this array and add the line:

'string10' => 'varchar(10)',

Or alternatively you could turn getColumnType into a more intelligent parser but once again you are exending schemas. Nothing wrong with this, many of the projects I have worked on in the past use a custom schema implementation.

I did ask e question about that earlier, but did not get any constructive answer…

I am using this approach in migrations:

$vc = str_replace( '(255)', '', $this->dbConnection->schema->columnTypes['string'] ); 

$this->createTable( 'table', array(

      'id' => 'pk',

      'name' => $vc . '(256) NOT NULL',


) ); 

It is not very pretty, but works at least for 3 databases: mysql, postgresql, oracle.