I’m new to php and web development. I looked for good frameworks and found yii very good. My concern is cross-browser compatibility. I mean I want to create a web app that is compatible among popular browsers. For example, like Google’s GWT framework, when compiled, will generate scripts that is compatible among browsers. Is it possible with yii or is it outside the scope of yii.

I’m sorry I’m just new to web development. Thanks

Yii is a php framework(SERVER-SIDE), it will work on every environment having php version > 5.1.x, it has nothing to do with browser compatibility.

Browser compatibility is a client side issue, not a server side one, and if you have the needed css/js skills you will not have problems with cross browser compatibility.

Yii uses jQuery and we’ve checked CSS and JS code in all major browsers so built-in widgets and JS code are compatible among browsers. Your code is up to you but since you can use jQuery it will be easier.


Thanks for the quick reply. Much appreciated.


Thanks. I guess I’ll have to dig deeper :)

The most popular browsers around are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. .It is significant to ensure your website looks the same across all browsers.

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