Cron Jobs on Humhub

I sincerely apologize for apparently resurrecting an old, old topic. What I found regarding the question I need to ask is four years old.

I’m a total noob. I’m trying to host a social network website with no real idea how to go about doing anything. I don’t even know what questions to ask or information to provide. I’ll post any logging information you want or anything else that is required, tell me what you need to troubleshoot the problem. Please be patient.

I’m running the WAMP stack on a windows 10 Pro system. The WAMP stack consists of Apache 2.4.33, PHP 7.1.16, MySQL 5.7.21 and MariaDB 10.2.14.

I get an error message on the administrators dashboard on this website that the CRON jobs, Background Jobs (Queue) and Regular Tasks (Cron) aren’t running. Now, I realize that CRON jobs run on Linux systems and I’m running all this on a windows box. My question is, how (can) I reconfigure this WAMP stuff, website stuff -eventually- the Yii stuff to run using the Windows Scheduler and if so, how does a barely entry level, rookie, noob do so without making an even bigger mess than I have now?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Thanks in advance for your kind consideration.

A different and easier solution would be to run it in a virtualized Linux. (I use VMware Player on W10 Pro.)


If I had known that going in that’s exactly what I would have done. Better yet I wouldn’t have bought Win 10 Pro and set the machine up with a Linux distro from the start.