Cron job file help

Hi Everyone

I am a newbee here looking for some assistant on a cron job file (cron.php). I bought a dating script developed on Yii2.0 which i managed to install and configure but, i got stuck on the cron job set up. However, the script requires 3 cron jobs, hourly, daily and one for queueing but i have difficulties achieving this on the server and now trying to use the cron.php file (image) which requires some modification.

On the left is an example and on the right is the actual file on my server and i don’t know what i need to change to get it work. I also need to edit the .env file which currently has not much other than CRON_SECRET false).

Any idea what i need to change or match on these two files?

Your feedback will be much appreciated.

I believe the seller might have better idea, given codes aren’t fully shown, and understandably so. But AFAIK, cron should be set at OS level a la crontab, and then it should run commands using yii console app. Like the way you run migrations but this time your own commands

Thank you so much for your response but i eventually managed to get it working.


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