cron and email view path problem

this is the error . Means that view dont exist.

Call to a member function renderPartial() on a non-object in <b>/home/casasdap/public_html/protected/extensions/EMailer.php</b>

code from email extension

protected $pathViews = '';

public function getView($view, $vars = array(), $layout = null) {

        $body = Yii::app()->controller->renderPartial($this->pathViews . '.' . $view, array_merge($vars, array('content' => $this->_myMailer)), true);

        if ($layout === null) {

            $this->_myMailer->Body = $body;

        } else {

            $this->_myMailer->Body = Yii::app()->controller->renderPartial($this->pathLayouts . '.' . $layout, array('content' => $body), true);



Extension works fine when called in browser, but fails when is called by cron job or cli .



i think taht

cron job cantt read yii.php , index.php ,.. so dont recognizes "render_partial"!

Its true , but how can i solve this?

No pratical solution?

use simple php file that don`t use yii framework Instructions