Criteria Dosent Work In Php But Works In Phpmyadmin

Hi everyone

I have a simple criteria with a single JOIN, when i execute it in php, i got results only from ProjectModel, but when i execute in phpMyAdmin i got result from project_rating table too.

In phpMyAdmin i run this query

SELECT `pr`.*,`p`.* FROM `project` `p` JOIN project_rating AS `pr` ON( `p`.P_Id = `pr`.Project_id ) WHERE 1=1 ORDER BY `p`.P_Add_date DESC

In Php i run this criteria, no results from project_rating table

$projectList                    = new ProjectModel();


$criteria                       = new CDbCriteria();

$criteria->alias                = "p";

$criteria->select               = "`pr`.*,`p`.*";

$criteria->join                 = "JOIN project_rating AS `pr` ON( `p`.P_Id  = `pr`.Project_id )";

$criteria->order                = "`p`.P_Add_date DESC";


$this->data["projectList"]     = $projectList->findAll( array(),$criteria );


$this->layout = "main";


I am sorry for my English

Please see

you should write

$this->data["projectList"]     = $projectList->findAll( $criteria );