creating sql from criteria

Here is what I am doing:

$model=new Leads('search');





        if(isset($_GET['download'])) {




In that $this->download() method Im creating a csv file. Problem is its a few hundred records and the framework always runs out of memory due to attached behaviors etc.

What I would like to do, is get that criteria created for the CActiveDataProvider and some how create a sql statement that I can just pass to DAO instead. I’ve gone through the source and have seen how it uses command builder to eventually create a statement, then it has to populate an array due to all the t2_* type aliases.

Has someone figure out this problem before? I guess I’m trying to avoid writing too much code with escaping column names and building a huge statement etc, not really sure how to best get around that.

Maybe barking up the wrong tree but how are you building the CSV? Line by line or one big query?

I had a situation where I was looping over a bunch of data and inserting using Active Record and it would time out. I changed my method to build the array of insert data and did a multiline insert instead and its >10x faster.

In general, use AR first and switch to DAO queries if necessary due to speed. Also look at CDbCommand::getText() to get the raw SQL.

I actually wrote an extension that makes it easy to export csv from an array or cactivedata/sql provider. I think I could probably figure out how to get the sql now that you pointed out the getText method, but I would still have to populate the array with the attributes somehow. I’ll see what I can find out, thanks.

this seems to work ok, but relationships just come out as ids and not the stuff I want, like and not just the campaign_id. at least is is a start.

$criteria = $this->dataProvider->getCriteria();

                $model = $this->dataProvider->model;

                $criteria = $model->getCommandBuilder()


                $command = $model->getCommandBuilder()



                #echo $command->getText();


                $data = $command->queryAll();