Creating Own Extensions

Hi there. I want to create a search function on my site, which would behave exactly like a on already in existence. This search bar uses regular php, js to make ajax calls.

Since I’m really new to Yii and have never done anything like this, I would really appreciate some help in how to encapsulate this search bar in Yii and make it available in a view so your help would greatly be appreciated.

Since I’m still a new member I can’t post any links but the plugin that I want to encapsulate can be found by searching “fancy apple style search suggestion” in Google. It will be the top result. The site’s name is marcofolio.

I have been struggling with a search function for a couple of weeks now but this is exactly what I want it to look and behave like!

Kind regards,


Hi Hermann

You have to make your widget - portlet as extension

See the bellow links