Creating Non-Module Url In Module

Hello Fellows!

I am facing an issue while creating a URL. What I need to do is to create a URL to within a module layout file.

I have rules in my main.php like the following

rules => array(


  'http :// <_company:[^www]\w+>.mydomain.local' => '/companies/default/index',

 'http :// <_company[^www]:\w+>.ittix.local/login' => 'site/login',


When I use

echo Yii::app()->createAbsoluteUrl('site/login');

I get url like

 http : // mycompany.mydomain.local/site/login 

which works but I need the "www" part in the url not "mycompany". so the URL shoudl be

 http : // www.mydomain.local/site/login 

I believe there is something to do with the line

 'http : // <_company[^www]:\w+>.ittix.local/login' => 'site/login' 

but I can’t figure out how.

Can you some body suggest how can I do this?

Sorry for the spaces in urls I was not allowed to post url in my first post. :(

Never mind I figured out the issue by chaning the line


 'http : // www.ittix.local/login' => 'site/login'