Creating new controller

I am building my first framework based web app. I have a basic models and generated CRUD methods to manipulate individual records, but I need to do a bulk upload of records from XML. I cannot figure out how to create a new controller and view to handle this.

I have very little experience with MVC, so I am a little bit confused. Please help!

I am not entirely sure I understand your question. However, if you are looking for some way to auto-generate code that will handle the parsing of your XML formatted data into the database, through the use of a CActiveRecord Yii model class, then I am afraid you are out of luck. You would have to code such functionality yourself.

Are you simply asking how to create a basic controller class that can interact with a model class?

I know this is not possible, although it would be really neat :)

I was wondering how to extend the existing controller class. I figured it out eventually. I missed the part of setting up permissions for my method, hence I got 403 error, when trying to access the corresponding page.

I still wonder where to create a loop through all my data and how to use existing actionCreate method to save the data into the database. Any help on this is highly appreciated!