Creating Folder And Upload File To Other Server On Yii2

Hi Yii2 family,

I try to upload a file to other server. To protect the download link, i will generate and creat a folder with Yii2 encrypte (encrypte folder name) on other server , then creat a form to upload file to that folder.

So can anybody help me with Yii2 class or help me how to do this?

  • Creat a page for uploading the file which can:

    • auto creat folder on other server when click on upload

    • upload the file to that folder

    • Notice that script that upload success or not

I’m appriciate and welcome other idea on how can i upload and protect the download link for uploaded file.

Thank you so much

You can do it using BlueImp File Upload Widget for Yii2 extension in which you need to set up for cross-domain file upload option and for create folder on other server you can add your Owen script or modify Upload handler class according to your need.