creating first webapp

Hi, I decided to try out Yii rather than Cake PHP but I’m already running into some problems. First, I am running on a dreamhost account so I suspect this might be giving me some issues but not sure yet. I tried creating a webapp like this:

sudo php yiic webapp mywebapp /home/user/

The strange thing is that the script asks me if I’m sure I want to install in /home/user/ which to me is a little weird because I clearly said to place the webapp in /home/user/ Is this a pathing issue?

So I placed the webapp but now I can’t access to test whether the application works or not (403 Forbidden). I’m confused about this since I ran the yiic command as root. Any ideas? Also, will I have any trouble placing webapps in directory? What is the preferred place for webapps? Thanks!

Any help? Surprised that this is the "most popular php framework" but this forum is a dead zone. just want to figure out why yiic insisted on placing files there. Thanks!

maybe others developers cant help ur problem so

yiic webapp only expects one argument, so the right command would be:

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sudo php yiic webapp /home/user/


Hey Mike, I really appreciate the reply… I was expecting that I had to name the webapp when installing it, so what it was doing was creating a webapp called "mywebapp" inside the same folder where i was running the command from. Thanks for clarifying that!