Creating end user software with Yii 2

Just been wondering, if one was to create end user software with Yii 2 how would they go about it? Meaning, for example users that download software commonly don’t have access to anything below their web root and Yii requires you to install itself below the root web dir and then it provides the “web” dir for web accessible stuff.

So if someone wanted to make user downloadable software with Yii 2, how would they go about doing it so any user could use it the same way they can install any other software.

What’s provided in basic and advanced apps is suggested directory structure. You can adjust it as you need including keeping everything under webroot. It’s not a good practice to do so because of possible security issues (in general, not Yii’s) but you can do it just by moving things around and adjusting index.php.

Ok thanks. Couldn’t you just store it in a single folder such as “root/application” and then deny direct access to it via .htaccess or something?

You could.