Creating Custom Action In Controller

I’m new to yii.

I’ve created a controller called CatalogController. I want to create a custom action called actionClear(). I’ve followed steps from documentation and searching on-line but when I navigate to catalog/clear, it redirects back to homepage of site. I don’t know what other steps I should be taking.

I’ve done the following so far:

in CatalogController:

public function actionClear() {

     $dataProvider=new CActiveDataProvider('Catalog');



overridden rules() method in controller:

public function actions()


    return array(




a new custom action under protected/controllers/post

class ClearAction extends CAction


    public function run()


        echo 'fart';die;



Any help would be greatly appreciated.

do u allow this action in accessRules( ) and why are you using the same action (clear) in controller method and separate action try using anyone.

You have to remove "public function actionClear" from controller.