creating CRUD, causes case change


All my tables in my mysql db are upper case.

when i try this in the shell, this is what it does. Why should this be case sensitive ? How can i make it case insensitive ? and why is the u in small case when its trying to create my CRUD ?

crud USERS

generate USERSController.php

  mkdir /data/inetpub/wwwroot/spinvest/protected/views/uSERS

generate create.php

generate update.php

generate list.php

generate show.php

generate admin.php

generate _form.php

Crud ‘uSERS’ has been successfully created. You may access it via:




just do crud User then open the User.php file that is generated and change the case of the table name in the method tableName()

Have you tried this?

crud Users USERS

Alternative you can start with the model:

model Users USERS

crud Users