Creating component sub classes in yii with single class files

I want to create a component file which has both parent and its associated sub classes in a single file.

Something like this,

Class MyBase{



Class MySubClass Extends MyBase{



Both the class files will be wrapped in to a single class file named MyBase.php.

In this i can’t instantiate the object of child class. It throws error saying failed to open stream: No such file or directory- MySubClass.php. Tried with importing the subclass also in config file by application.components.MyBase.MyClass1.

How can i do this in yii.

When you instantiate the object of MySubClass, autoloader attempts to find file "MySubClass.php".

Try rename your file to "MySubClass.php".

  • However, this is the bad practice. Each class must be placed in the separate file.



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