Creating An Ssl Encrypted Authentication With Yii 1.1.13's Stock Login System

I would like to work with Yii out of the box, focusing on everything along the way. My current focus is user login and authentication. I would like all logins to submit to https(:)// and forward there once logged in. this is key.

I would like to make a database of the following fields:

username, password, emailaddress, opt-in (bool value) (if they want to receive promotions/website content), and accesslevel (a number 1-x representing the level of access this user has.)

I suppose my question would be : Where do I start? What do I do? What file do I open to alter the way the site authenticates, reads the database of users, and so on? I was told that Yii generates CRUD code based off your tbl_user table. What steps need to happen next? Any documenations or tutorials would help.

My site is, and I want the little logo image to appear in the “My Web Application”, but putting straight ‘<img src=“http//www(x)dankweed(x)com/images/logo.png” alt=“” />’ in the config main.php as the site name did not work.

Thank you!

Try the blog tutorial. All the steps are in the left sidebar… this should help you get started.