Creating a simple Action and Store Data via Active Form

Hi there i am new and i have for you a simple Question about Yii 1.1.16

I have a view with one datetime field

<?php echo $form->dateTimeLocalField($model, 'verifizierungAufschub'); ?>

i have a action

public function actionAufschub($id)

    if ($model->update()) {


        'model' =>$model,


the model is correct in default actions/views i can edit the attribut.

but with my custom action, nothng will be stored… can you please help me? that would be great!

Possible validation error

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Thank you for your reply, but in my case, i forgott collect the inputs

// collects user input data
// validates user input and redirect to previous page if validated

more and more i like Yii! :slight_smile: