Creating a guide on Yii+JQuery+Rights+User Manager


Was looking for last 4 weeks around and setup skelton Yii applications to understand what I need to do. However it would be great if we can put together something which is quite often asked. If I can duplicate it, we will do a video tutorial (might already exist if you know any) and we can progress quickly.

Following are required:


[*]Base Yii App directory structure for front-end web app and its admin area. (Typically front-end is at and admin area is at] - if you think both can be separate apps however i would keep both as single app with admin folder inside main application folder myapp.

[*]I want to install rights module to manage users and their rights. There are plenty of good tutorials on that and I want to use MySQL database with User class setup through Gii for CRUD as well.

[*] Change menu to show Home, About, Contact, Register and on register page it shows you both login form and registration form. This needs to be connected to Rights users instead of demo/demo. Need to know how to create two forms and how to change menu item to come to right place. For ease you can put together info for two pages one to register and 2 to login. Again dont want to keep demo/demo or admin/admin login…how to get rid of it and site/login should not work in url for security or move it to new login page. Any suggestions??

[*] I want to change JQuery version to latest version or a dev version along with JQuery UI version with custom theme. Admin app and main app can use different theme so how to setup this without breaking existing structure. Should be able to add and refer to new jQueryUI themes as well.

[*] I want to create a basic CSS/JS/HTML theme layout. You can use 960grid to put things together…where to include these and how to put them together with Yii to work in sync.

[*] Also for simplicity please do not post any specific things which only work on linux or windows system. We have to presume some things for example lets say you have done it on windows system so your instructions here wold be general but you can put you experience on windows as a separate section.


If you want we can have a google doc shared to public to do this or setup a project on google code to do this. Whatever is easy and manageable.