creating a forum using Yii Framework

Is there anyone have created a forum using Yii framework, or any extension or module is available for someone like me to use ?

thanks all

I am currently rewriting an old forum of mine using Yii. I’m not ready to share it (yet), but if you’ve got any questions: Just shoot.

Yes, I’ve got a question:

  • Are you going to release it as a module?

  • If so, do you have an estimate for this release?

I’m asking since I might need to implement a forum soon and I’d like to know if I could wait a bit or just do it alone (and possibly release it as a module. Totally unknown yet).



I consider to reboot the project as yii-YaBB and share it via github. It would be a standalone application, then. The idea is to provide the forum core and keep all my specific codes in a separate branch. I can’t provide a release date yet. Might happen in april.

April is around the corner… :) .

So it is going to be a forum system written entirely in Yii? By "core" you mean basic functionality only?

More or less yes. There will be a full-featured profile-view for users, though. I feel that’s pretty much a must nowadays. There are also going to be extensive statistics.

The future might bring a plugin system. But I haven’t spent much thought on that yet.

Nice. I wonder if I get to design & implement soon enough.

Thanks and good luck with it!


There is one on github, but is not being updated from 7 months…

"MyBB 2.0 has been written from scratch in a MVC (Model-View-Controller) method and we’ve been using Yii as its base framework."

but no updates so far


Interesting, I’ll have a closer look at that. I actually planned to rely on MySQL exclusively as backing RDBMS. Possibly with SphinxSE integration. The linked project seems to aim to work with all supported databases.


I’m aware of that. But I haven’t heard anything new on that for ages. Also, MyBB’s goals differ a bit from mine. My primary idea is to replace a legacy PHP-app (that got so old an unmaintainable that it won’t work with the lastest PHP version) with a Yii-based solution. In the process, I’ll not only release the core but will also be able to push some other projects forward. Such as http-caching and the xsl renderer.

As for the plugin system: I really like the one Habari uses.

in this extension/application/full featured cms there is also a simple forum (if anyone is interested)


While I’m happy on any code released open source, I’m familiar with the forum implementation in that extension via That is, assuming the latter is in sync with the extension these days (I guess so). The forum there is not strong enough to my taste: there’s no way to get updates on new forum posts via email, no RSS button for the forum in general (but for each topic alone). I’ve discussed this a bit with the site developer. See the discussion here (in Hebrew - you’ll probably need to use some translating service):עדכונים-מהפורום-באימייל

Interesting. But a bit too basic for my needs ::)