Creating A Form And Passing The Data To Controller

Hallo to all,

Creating a Form and Passing the data to Controller without having a Modal or database behind it, is it possible?

If an example would be great.

Thank you guys.

You could create a view with your data in input fields inside a form and do a simple submit, in the Controller you can get the values via $_POST or $_GET.

I do not know, if this is you are looking for.



    echo CHtml::form($this->createUrl('testAction'), 'post');

    echo CHtml::textField('field_data1', 'This the data for field_data1');

    echo CHtml::hiddenField('field_data2', 'Hidden Data');

    echo CHtml::submitButton('Submit');

    echo CHtml::endForm();



public function actionTestAction() {

$data1 = Yii::app()->getRequest()->getPost('field_data1');

$data2 = Yii::app()->getRequest()->getPost('field_data2');



I have realized that the question was for Yii 2.0, and my code is for Yii 1.1, but maybe it can help you to find the correct answer on Yii 2.0


Use [font=“Courier New”]Html[/font] helper class instead of [font=“Courier New”]CHtml[/font] as mentioned to generate your fields. In your controller read [font=“Courier New”]$_POST[‘field_name’][/font] to get each field.

Thank you guys

onr more question

yii2 listView ist having a $index variable, how can i make use of it ?


Open new thread fro that!