Creating a Event Registration App


I am a complete newbie to the yii framework, as well as application development. I am a designer and really good with HTML / css but never worked much with php.

I have got an opportunity to write a simple event booking script. I have the workflow completely sketched out (am a designer, u knw) but am completely lost on how i should go ahead and make a working app out of it.

I have already been through the 4 videos on how to use YiiFramework, and i have completed the "hello world" tutorial.

It would be great if the community give me some pointers on how to actually make the app!



I’m sorry to disappoint you… but if you don’t know PHP and if you don’t understand the object programming in PHP… .than you will not understand Yii… this is just a framework that can help you build websites faster… but you need to "know " and “understand” what you are doing with it…


Its not that i do not understand php at all, been working with it for the past 6 odd years but never actually wrote a code for it!



Problem is that you are asking on how to make a web application out of your design… that is too general question…

Start with the Definitive Guide to Yii… and you will make one application (the basic one)… after that go with the Blog tutorial… with that you willl create a blog application… and you will get some basics about how to create a web application…