creating a chart

I want to create a chart in yii using data from a query. Can someone tell me how to do this please?

There are many answers to similar versions of this questions on .

Among the possible ways to create the chart, you’ll see FusionCharts. For this commercial product you can find this extension:

I recently did a little project for creating charts using FusionCharts while I didn’t use the extension above but rather created my own set of Yii widgets.

Depending on what type of chart you need, the flot extension might be sufficient.

Maybe my question wasn’t clear enough… sorry my bad as I am new to yii.

Here is my problem I want to create a graph based on some user selection for example the user selects a criteria from a dropdownlist or clicks a checkbox it then gets the data from the database a draws the graph. I am using yiiopenflashchart. Could you please tell me how to go about doing this?

Thanks for your assistance

actually using one of the above will do fine.

maybe you can add as simple form before the chart is displayed, from that form the user selection of criteria can be use to generate the data for the chat afterward.

but I Also still trying to figure out how to manipulate the X and the Y data using the fusion extension.

because in the example provided, the chart is for profit exhibition.

what if I want to change it. does anyone have any clue?