Createurl() Should Use Routes From Urlmanager

I want to translate my routes.

I used the I18N Subdomains and URL rules tutorial from the wiki.

Now I can switch the language and the urls are correctly translated.

In the views I want to create a link to /contact. But how to do this dynamically? Is it possible to get the correct path backward from the urlManager?

in fact it is working like that already.

If I add a route in the main.php:

'kontakt' => 'site/contact'

And try to generate an url:

<?php echo $this->createUrl('site/contact')); ?>

It returns

it depends where you add this rule. First matching rule wins, so try to add it as first rule and check again. Also try absolute notation: $this->createUrl(’/site/contact’));

Thank you!

Problem was, the default routes matched the URLs before the custom translated routes.