Createurl Params From Form

Sorry for my no ideal English!

In need change url from ‘ad?region=dp&city=zp’ to ad/dp/zp.

I know, that I can do this with UrlManager. But I have a problem with a GET form-filter: I can not paste to form action createUrl $params from this form field.

My form:

$form=$this->beginWidget('CActiveForm', array(


     'action'=>Yii::app()->createUrl('ad', array('region'=> here I need paste value from region, 'city' => here I need paste value from city)),


echo $form->dropDownList($region,'name', $regions, array(

	'name' => 'region',

	'options' => array($_GET['region']=>array('selected'=>true)),


echo $form->dropDownList($city,'name', $cities, array(

	'name' => 'city',

	'options' => array($_GET['city']=>array('selected'=>true)),



How I can do this? And Do I correctly understand the logic of form-filter?

Thank You!

city and region are not field of your model (CActiveRecord’s subclass or CFormModel) ?