createUrl() not encoding the name value in 1.1

Hey guys,

Do you know if 1.1 has stopped support for encoding the name value in the parameter array?

eg. Yii::app()->urlManager->createUrl(‘shop/cat’,array(‘test & ne’=>’& sjf ')) produces a url like this : <a href="/shop/cat/test & ne/%26+sjf+.html">test</a>


Is anyone else having the same issue or should I open up a ticket?

Could you please log an issue for this? Thanks.

Actually I’ve fixed this issue in SVN. Thanks.

Thank you Qiang - and a BIG thank you for such a superb framework! :)

you need to qualify your request-vars more user-friendly!! for all time that yii is exists, nobody didn’t track this as issue :rolleyes: ) (looks like you have a problem with logic or imagination B) )

I was using the above as an example to get my point accross - I am building a shopping cart where the Categories have spaces in them which I noticed was not being url encoded whereas in Yii 1.0 they were - so get your facts straight.