'Created_at' field not getting updated

the “created_at” filed in user registration is not geting saved while the ‘updated_at’ is properly updated

the "created_at" is there when we fetch it… but later while inserting, it checks dirtyatributes and then finds that the object passed and null and takes

[b]if ($names === null) {

   $names = $this->attributes();

   error_log("HERE HERE : " . METHOD . ":this -> attributes used", 0 );



and here i see that the field ‘created_at’ is missing,. while ‘updated_at’ is being set properly

Please see the logs

posted on github issues - > no 3886

Just to be clear. You use TimestampBehavior, and created_at field in user table is not set?

please post all your code

TimestampBehavior link

refer this