create sub module through gii

I have created a module usermanagement using gii. Now in my usermanagement module i need to create sub modules ‘manageusers’ and ‘manageroles’.

As of now i created all the modules individually and i moved my ‘manageusers’ and ‘manageroles’ modules to ‘usermanagement’ modules folder.

Is this the right way to create sub modules and should i do any config changes once these modules are moved. Is it possible to create sub module through gii.

Submodules are just like modules.

And yes, you will need to properly configure them. See the guide on modules.

Also, for authorization management/RBAC, see rights.

yes you can make nested modules ( modules within the module ) to unlimited levels.

Gii doesn’t support creating nested modules, you’ll have to generate normal modules then move them to the appropriate directory yourself.

This topic is old, but as reference, you can do it this way