Create Registration Form -Step By Step

Hi ter,

I’m new to yii framework and new to MVC.

Anyone pls share with me how to create a registration form by using yii framework step by step.


There are only 2 tutorials that’s “step by step”:

Based on these, you could do your own registration form, if assume that you know how to make it with basic web development knowledge.

Hi vinoth.mohan ,

I recommended you to build your registration system " don’t use code you didn’t understood it because you will hack in future ;) " .

1- learn about model

2- learn about controller

3- learn about view

all above in this link :

4- model validation

5- sessions and cookie in yii

7- Roles and permissions in Yii

8- Login with database :

Then you can build your registration system also anything else :) .

ma also pls help me