Create new User by CRUD?

Hi Everyone!

As I wrote in the topic title, I wonder if it’s possible to Signup a new user using CRUD.

I have different pages where I have a list of person with different attributes.

These people should be able to access the site.

It’s possible to make them a real user when I insert his data by CRUD on the “Create form” page?

And it’s possible to do that when one of these people insert a post, in addition to the input data, the form add some value taken in the “persons table” (not user table) automatically?

For example:

In my "persons/create.php", I add a new "worker", I insert his Name, his email, his age, his phone number, his address and his login credentials. Only the login credentials (name, username, email and password) goes into User Table, so he can make access.

The others data (or all is not important) goes into "persons_table" so I have his profile in my persons list.

When he insert a new post, in my "post area" using "post/create.php" there should be some hidden input file (or something like that) that put in my "post_table" ex. his age, his phone number, his address, automatically in addition to the form input data.

It’s possible something like that?

Many thanks!