Create Menu

Hi Guy,

Could any body create menu like this :AdminTLE

I wanna Create menu and theme like this, :unsure:

How create menu ??? and Base theme

Try YiiBooster :

And why don’t you use the AdminLTE source?

It’s opensource.

Thx for replay,

Now I used yiibooster but I want to create vertical menu! yiibooster have a widget for vertical menu??

How use it with yiibooster and yii???

Do you used it?? Coukd you help me how??

No I didn’t use it.

But you have the full html for the menu in the source.

You don’t have to use Yiibooster to generate the menu.

  • put the menu part into a view file (of a controller or widget)

  • include the view by ‘renderPartial’ (controller) or ‘render’ (MyWidget::run())

    and replace some parts with your own data (captions,…) from a config-array, model or whatever

  • you should split the menu code into the main wrapper code (sidebarmenu.php) and the item code (sidebarmenu_item.php) that you renderPartial in a loop for each menuitem in menu.php

  • include the necessary css (AdminLTE.css, bootstrap …) in layouts/main.php

You can start with the code from a example site -> pick out the ‘sidebarmenu’ without changes and

do the renderPartial.

If it works, replace the items by your own code, step by step.

Thx for replay.

I try it and if I get a success result

I will say it step by step.