Create Dynamic input field and label according to user input

Hi everyone

I have a requirement in which i am asking user for a input and according to that input i want to create a form field and different label for each input field

I am using date range in my Activeform so if user selects date range between any 2 dates than that many number of input field should be generated with date attached

For example use selects date range between Nov 23 to Nov 25 than there should be 3 input field generated with each date as label and ask for input.

I am not so good with english so not able to explain properly but hope everyone got the idea at least

I tried using dynamic form extensions but i was not able to figure out how to use it.

Thank you


read this

I hope helps you.

In dynamic form u can generate replica of existing form field not new field.u have to use jquery for this.see clone just check diff between two dates when user select 2nd date just call clone method.