Create Button With Chtml Class Using Cmodel

CHtml class has a lot of methods to do with CModel class. For example CHtml:activeLabel, CHtml::activeInputField and so on. These methods produce tags with names like name="CFormModel[field_name]".

But is there methods to generate tag <input type=“submit” name=“CFormModel[submit]” value"Submit" >? Simple button generated by CHtml::submitButton() doesn’t accept CModel class and produces something like <input type=“submit” name=“yt0”>. It is another matter. Parameter with name “yt0” is not accepted by CFromModel. I can’t validate it or do another needed things.

So how to get input tag like I want using CModel class?

Use the CHtml.resolveNameID or CHtml.resolveName methods to generate values for name and id attributes and render the tag manually.

There is no active* wrapper for CHtml::submitButton().